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Meet Your Photographer, Matthew

Matthew is a professional photographer who discovered his talent by taking photos and videos of his daughter's gymnastics competitions using his phone. He took classes to improve his skills, practiced in various settings, and eventually decided to pursue photography as a career.


Matthew loves capturing beautiful images and creating endless memories for people. He researched the different types of cameras available and sought advice from professional photographers and camera shop owners to improve the quality of his work.


You'll want the best photographer for your next project. 

Here's how to reach him:


Phone: 1 (833) 378 - 3533


5312 West Main 

Suite 9 & 10

Belleville, IL 62223


I'm confident in my ability to capture the essence of any occasion.

I'm experienced in working in various settings and am committed to delivering professional and attentive service to cater to my client's unique needs.

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Video Camera

What My Clients Are Saying

Matt is passionate about the quality of his work! It's good to know that there is an affordable and reliable photographer  close by, that listens to my vision and that can execute it just the way I imagined it to look. Matthew is awesome! The best at it!

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